Recreational Campus Event (GSU Baseball)

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Georgia Southern Baseball. I went to a game with one of my good Guy friend’s JB He is transferring from East Georgia to play baseball for us next year. I went the game where we played our biggest arrivals, the South Carolina Gamecocks. That was an intense event. I had a lot of fun and everyone was enjoying the fact that I was doing my art project in the stands…ha. I had to draw a replica of a Master Piece drawings, so I chose Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Fall of Phaeton” rough sketch. I had my big board out there and it protected me many a time from foul balls. I remember this one time a foul ball was coming straight at me and Jb is freaking out, I scream and I’m about to put the board over my head until I realize that my cell phone was on top of it. So I stop screaming, I pause, and then grab my phone. I act like nothing had stopped me, I begin to scream again and then put the board, finally, over my head. People around me could not stop laughing. It was great. I met many new friends that day because of my art, but mostly, because of that incident. Gus, the eagle, even liked me. He kept coming up and messing with my hair and trying to draw on my art which I yelled NO NO! to hahaha. But, that is only because it was my final piece. I let him have a clean piece of paper. He then gave me his number =P

GSU baseball is awesome. The activities that they do during the warm ups are always fun to watch. Like people dressing up as hamburger pieces and running back and forth to throw the toppings on the other person who is a bun then, finally, running and jumping on top of them to complete the burger effect .=] Our team is really good too and the student evolvement is just so entertaining. I love baseball season at Georgia Southern and I can’t wait until next year when two of my friends will be on the team!


Digital Dirt

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Let’s see…what not to do on the INTERNET! I would first like to say, anything and everything that you put on the internet will TRACE BACK TO YOU! I have not had a personal experience, but my cousin Patrick, who is now a Pro soccer player for a Brazilian team, had this experience. When he was at the College of Charleston on a soccer scholarship, his coach preached that if he found any photos of any of the teammates drinking on Facebook, Myspace, or on their Wordblogs, that he would drop them off the team like a sack of flour. Well one of his team mates tried to frame him and he did get kicked off until he could prove to his coach that he was framed. The other team-mate got kicked off and Patrick got back on, he eventually didn’t graduate college because he got drafted onto an American Pro soccer team then traded to his now Brazilian team. He’s doing well for himself and was very lucky with his internet crisis which many are not. Pictures like drinking and nudity affect your future job. Job interviewers will look on your profiles to see what you are like and if you can represent their company with style and class. If you have a bunch of drunk pictures and you flashing the camera, then you will most likely not get a job and they will let other companies know that you are unfit to be apart of the team. It will ruin your life. Trust me. Have fun but just don’t post the pictures unless they are appropriate.

Pod Casting with Mute Math!

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So I have been following this band since they first came out. They are called Mutemath. When I saw them open up for The Fray in Savannah, Ga about three years ago, I fell in love with them. They are quite famous now and they have a unique sound. They like to introduce new theories of music to their songs by banging on cans and their guitars and speakers. They pretty much like to bang on anything that gives them a beat haha. A song that is known by them is called “Typical,” look it up. It will probably sound familiar to you. Anyways, a pod cast that I looked at that caught my eye was the one where they are stuck in the airport in Europe. They have been traveling for their concert tour and they were going home to the United States because the tour just finished its course. Well the airport shut down all of the flights because of the Volcano irruption in Iceland. So Mutemath has been camping out on the runway in the plane for 9hrs straight. Fun! Not really. Poor poor guys. Well here is the official website of  Mutemath and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I love pod casting them just because you begin to feel like you are one of the guys and you are traveling with them to all these cool places. You begin to feel like they are your brothers, but their pod casts are just really funny too. SO I suggest looking into them and if you like their music, go check out their pod casts on iTunes, it’s FREE!

My reaction of Twitter

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I don’t really prefer twitter. It doesn’t do anything for me. I actually forget to even update it some days. It was an interesting experience for me to have twitter for a week, but it was more of a requirement than a pleasure. I did look into other people’s twitters like people magazine to update myself on the latest celebrity gossip and newest fashion trends. I love my STARBUCKS TWITTER THOUGH! I am friends with GSU’s Starbucks. They send me the newest drinks they are creating or if they have a free pastry day on my phone. The text message is perfect for me because I’m always on the go. I’m never usually in my dorm room. That’s fun. I go to Starbucks every Monday or Wednesday before my Drawing II class. I usually meet up with my art friend, Andrew around ten and then we get our coffees, or in his case, iced herbal tea. Then we talk and eat our pastries until around ten forty-five. After that we walk to the Art building by the CAT and start class.

Twitter is cool but not my favorite thing. It’s not for me. But its great for people who travel and like to talk about their lives. I prefer Facebook. It’s more my age area and there is a lot more interacting with other people and you can see photos and see them enjoying their lives. I just like it more. There is more you can do and you can find out more information about someone before adding them as a friend. Twitter, you can’t really do that.

The 1967 Shelby Gt500 Supersnake Mustang

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This Is an amazing machine. I love cars and this is the car that I want before I die. It’s a classic Muscle dream car that anyone with class would want. Carroll Shelby is awesome one of my heros. I wanted to become a car designer because of him and Chip Foose. The one that Foose redesigned was the Mustang in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds. Nicholas Caige’s character referred to the car as Eleanor.

Carroll Shelby built only one 427 GT500 “Super Snake” in 1967, which set new performance standards for speed and performance at the time. The mighty G.T.500E Super Snake is a modern evolution of that legendary car. Built for Shelby by Unique Performance, the G.T.500E Super Snake is the most powerful regular production Shelby (based on a Ford Mustang) ever offered to the public. Each car features a 525 HP aluminum Shelby 427 engine, Unique Performance rear suspension, Tremec transmission and many modern performance upgrades, as well as special badges and striping. With an optional supercharger, this Shelby churns out an earth shaking 725 horsepower.

In 2002, Carroll Shelby and Unique Performance agreed to produce continuation Shelbys based on vintage 1960s Ford Mustangs with updated performance and comfort. Chip Foose has also partnered with Unique Performance building the Foose Stallion.. Only 75 total 427 G.T.500E Super Snakes were built, all of which have sold out for a cool $214,000. Each GT500E received a Shelby VIN and was included in the Shelby American World Registry. With its stunning looks, blistering performance and limited availability, the Super Snake is destined to be one of the most desired collector cars in the world.

I want to design the outer bodies of cars…but that is a dream now with the economy these days. I recommend the websites that I tagged in this post if you want to know more about the beautiful piece of art….


Hello world!

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Hi! My name is Lindsey Rowland and this is my blog! I hope you enjoy it!